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CCA Achievements for 2008

By Chong Joe En and Paul Chuan

2008 was another notable year in CCA achievements for ACJC. Our CCA Groups did well this year, netting numerous accolades and awards, regardless of bagging medals, all teams tried their best and did the school proud. As spectators were witnesses to, there were many occasions of tenacity and passion in this hard year. So congratulations to all teams and clubs and societies for their good showing in 2008.


The table below lists some of the notable sporting achievements for 2008.

Co-Curricular Activity

Achievements &Awards

Air Pistol

Girls National 4th


Boys National 4th


Boys National 1st, Girls National 2nd


Boys National 4th, Girls National 2nd

Cross Country

Boys & Girls National 4th


Boys National 1st, Girls National 3rd


Girls National 3rd


National 2nd


National 3rd


National 3rd


Boys and Girls National 3rd


Boys National 3rd, Girls National 2nd


Boys National 4th, Girls

Water Polo

National 3rd

Many of the sporting CCAs had a tough fight; nevertheless they still persevered and continue to aim for the top. Ahmad Isa, vice-captain of the Rugby team who got Bronze this year, says that “the team’s aim is Gold for A division Rugby in 2009”. Likewise, for Soccer player Koh Guan Chong also said that the soccer team is aiming for 1st position.
For many other teams, however, the aim is to simply improve their current standings; a prime example, the Canoeing team, aims to move up a position for both their Girls and Boys categories.


2008 was a good year for ACJC’s clubs and societies and performing arts as well. Some notable CCAs for this year include ACSian theatre with their many successful productions such as Pride and Prejudice and the upcoming Pied Piper, as well as Dance with their annual Restless dance concert.

Not all CCAs, apparently, were satisfied with their performance. Anne Tan (SC1), President of the Debate and Oratorical Society which won the SMU hammers and were semi-finalists at the Nationals, was quoted as saying that “we did our best with the time we had, but there were many semis this year, hopefully we will make it to more finals.”

Other CCAs would like to take a more laid back and retrospective approach. Strings for instance, merely felt that this year was productive in the “forged senior-junior friendships” and would like to “thank the teachers-in-charge and their conductor” as said in the words of Section Leader Thng Yi Ren (1AH).

When asked about their future plans, many Clubs and Societies gave simple aims that aligned with their mottos. The Entrée Council’s President Nicholas Ang (1AD3) stated that they aimed to continue “promoting financial literacy in the college, and organize more seminars by external speakers”

All in all, the numerous accolades certainly did the school justice; of course let us hope that the best is indeed yet to be and that ACJC can scale to greater heights in the CCA arena. Once again, we salute our CCA groups for their efforts.

Of Pride & Prejudice

By Candice Neo and Paul Chuan

Pride and Prejudice, ACSian Theatre’s major production for 2008, did not fail to meet the high standards that the reputation of ACSian Theatre commands. Based on Jane Austen’s most prized novel, and amidst much wit, humour and irony, it presented a clear reflection of early 19th century English society. The production won great reviews from the audience.

A timeless tale of love and friendship, ACSian Theatre’s Pride and Prejudice combined contemporary music with dances, expressing the emotions of the characters. With the splendid Regency costumes, it was a marvellous blend of both modern and period influences.

The leading actors portrayed their characters well – Lesley Sia as the intelligent Elizabeth Bennet, who prided herself especially on her judgement of character, and Nicholas Ngo as the rich and proud Mr. Darcy, whose tall and lanky frame clearly conveyed his awkward aloofness during social events.

The chemistry between Elizabeth and Mr. Darcy, as well as that between Jane Bennet (Edlyn Ng) and Mr. Bingley (Dheraj Ramchandani), was undeniable. With sidelong glances and witty exchanges, they played out the bittersweet relationships that were subjected to the scrutiny of their society. However, despite the tensions arising from the societal prejudices associated with social status (or the lack thereof) and the clash of gender roles, the light-heartedness of the whole play suggested “mockery” rather than “criticism”. Special mention must be made of Mark Cheng and Frances Lee who played Mr and Mrs Bennet, and who often had the audience in fits of laughter with their humorous exchanges.

“It is a truth universally acknowledged, that a single man in possession of a good fortune, must be in want of a wife.” So ends Mrs Bennet as the play came to a close, never failing to jest at the English society, one last time. The audience undoubtedly enjoyed and appreciated the performance immensely, and this was evident from their cheers and laughter. A standing ovation at the end of the play summed up the effort put in and performances of everyone involved in the production, from the directors, producers and choreographers to the actors, crew and costume designers. In all sense, it was a delightful ‘happily ever after’, and ACSian Theatre’s heart-warming Pride and Prejudice has already captured the hearts of many.

Photos: ACJC Photographic Society

Passion AC 2008

By Caleb Wong and Bernadette Tan

With clear blue skies, the day accurately reflected the cheerfulness and anticipation of students, teachers and visitors alike. The crowd stood outside the auditorium patiently awaiting the opening of its doors. They had all gathered for one purpose, to worship God. They had all gathered for one event, PASSION AC 2008.

On 4 July at 6pm sharp, a large spread of food was laid outside the auditorium. Students, alumni members, parents and teachers alike all happily chomped at the refreshments provided by the PAT (Parents’ Action Team) and Mrs Rosalind Tan. There was much interaction, and an upbeat mood permeated the atmosphere as laughter rang ever so often in the midst of the chatter. Half an hour later, the doors to the auditorium were finally opened for all to enter.
A preview video was screened for the early birds to enjoy. Compiled by the Christian Fellowship (CF), the video consisted of students’ responses to questions such as “What does having passion for Christ mean to you” or “What does it mean to follow Jesus”. The crowd obviously enjoyed the video, and fits of laughter could be heard as some of the funnier responses were shown.

Starting promptly at 7:10, the band consisting of JC 1 and JC 2 students from CF began playing songs of praise. The crowd worshipped with vigour and sincerity. It was clear that many had come seeking a time of spiritual rejuvenation. Many praised with hands lifted high, singing at the top of their voices. Pastor Hansen Lim gave an inspiring and humour-filled sermon on the topic: “Take up the cross and follow Jesus”. Speaking with conviction, his sermon touched the hearts of many, and countless people went up during altar call.

The event finally ended at 10.30pm after a prolonged time of worship. Many tears were shed and knees bowed in thankfulness and in awe of God. The band played with commitment, energy and, very importantly, with passion. It was a life changing night for many who were present, as lives were rededicated to the Lord.

Passion AC 2008 was an event like no other. An event thoroughly blessed by God, Passion AC is indeed an example of how God deserves all the glory, whether or not the best is yet to be.

Photos: ACJC Photographic Society

ACJC Track and Field Meet

By Alexandra Khoo

Toned, sun-kissed athletes marched across the track while a lone sportsman hoisted a symbolic flag high above the stadium. Was this the opening ceremony to the long-awaited Beijing Olympics 2008?

Well almost. It was an Olympic curtain raiser – ACJC’s Track and Field Meet. Held on 30 April, it might even be more ‘exceptional’ than the Olympics, seeing as we had, according to Mr. Kelvin Choo, “special law enforcers” just for the occasion. Spectators were also entertained by a series of off-the-wall comments from our emcee, Mr. Ong Jin Yi, besides the rich display of athleticism all around.

What struck deep was the depth and quality of sporting talent on view. There was often a clear margin between competitors who were specially trained in a particular event and the lesser mortals. But what prevailed above all was the unity and spirit of sportsmanship and competition that the ACJC spirit encompasses. With the entire school cheering their friends on, the enthusiasm was infectious and the competition fierce

At 6:21 pm, the meet drew to a close. There were the happy winners, some disappointments and an overall feeling of joy. At the end of a gruelling day, the winners were finally announced. As the house with the highest concentration of top-notch athletes, it was hardly surprising that Tan Chin Tuan House was crowned the Champion House. They emerged with the Champion title in the girls’ category, and 1st Runner-Up position in the boys’ category, a testimonial to their prowess.

Well, if the kids excelled, their custodians were not to be outdone on this day. The adage about ginger getting spicier as it gets older was proven true by Mr Lim See Poi in the final highlight: the Staff race. Sprinting at an astonishing speed for his age, he clinched a great victory for his team by dashing ahead of Mrs Teri Chia at the finish.

ACJC Swim Meet 2008

Michelle Wong, Ankita Jacob, Lai Chui Ting

ACJC has been home to many sportsmen and sportswomen. Every year, the College holds sporting events to allow students to gather together and celebrate the spirit of competition and sportsmanship. The annual college swim meet finals were held on 9 April 2008 and, as always, it was an event not to be missed.

The meet took place at the ACJC sports complex, and was organised by the teachers from the ACJC Physical Education department, with help from the 32nd Student Council. Despite the hot weather, the competition took place without interruption. No doubt, the highlight of the entire day was the last event, the past-versus-present 4 X 50m relay, with three teams of old ACJC boys competing against the present swimming team. The old boys came in 2nd and 3rd, proving that age is not a limiting factor.

After long hours under the hot sun, the overall results of the swim meet were announced. Most unexpectedly, the overall boys’ champion was tied between Darren Seah (OLD) and Jeremy Goh (SVM). On the other hand, for the overall girls’ championship, Sheree Lim (TKK) came in first and Diviya Menoa (SVM) came in second. It was a neck-to-neck competition between Oldham and the defending champions CKS this year. In the end, Oldham beat CKS by a mere 3 points, clinching the overall championship, leaving CKS the 2nd place. TCT followed closely behind, clinching the 3rd place.

To end the swim meet, Mr. Lau Chee Kheong led the participants and supporters in the school song. The day was an enjoyable one with enthusiastic supporters and competition at its best.

Restless V

Music and lyrics? No. “Power, Passion and Pirouettes” was what Restless V was all about. As expected, tickets were sold out for all three nights, more than a week before the performance and every seat was filled with people who were quite evidently and excitedly anticipating the start of the event. The evening was nothing less than exciting as the audience was treated to a variety of genres and styles displaying the overflowing talent and grace of the AC dancers. Restless indeed, were the performers as they moved from one item to another, full of joy and enthusiasm, quite evidently enjoying themselves to the fullest onstage.

Every performance was dedicated to a different person, and the despite their differences every performance highlighted the passion and unity of the AC dancers.

The vivid colours and variety from the music to the costumes that the performers wore, everything was perfect. Special mention must me made of the personalized jeans that were worn most often and made quite a fashion statement.

Truly, Restless V was yet another strong showing from the Dance Society. As they ended with the song “Happy Ending”, the audience was swept away by their energy, their passion, their grace and their love for the dance.

And thus, as the curtains closed, the applause erupted.

Photos: ACJC Photographic Society

National Schools Bowling Championships

By Raymond Angelo

From 22 April to 3 May, the ACJC Bowling Team took part in the annual National Schools ‘A’ Division Bowling Championships. Through grit, effort and sheer class, our bowlers made a clean sweep of the championships, bringing back a slew of trophies and accolades which truly bowled everyone over.

The competition was tough, with JCs from all over Singapore sending their best bowlers to fight for the coveted pole position. Our bowlers, who had undergone rigorous training, were not fazed, however, and amidst all the talent and stiff competition, they came out with respectable results: The girls’ team were the overall first runners-up, and the boys’ team were the overall champions, bringing back the championship title to ACJC after a three-year dry spell.

In the singles, doubles, and quartet categories, our bowlers took home many top positions as well, a testament to their effort and abilities. As the icing on the cake, our bowlers Elvin Lim (2SA6) and Victoria Lim (2SD1) emerged as the Champions of the Boys and Girls ‘A’ Division Master’s Challenge, which pitted the top ten bowlers from boys and girls in the ‘A’ Division against each other.

The tournament was truly a demonstration of the AC Spirit, as our bowlers fought their hardest despite seemingly insurmountable obstacles. Supporters from the college also came down to cheer for the bowlers; be it hit or miss, they screamed their lungs out for their college-mates, to show that they were behind them all the way.


By Kerri Teo

On 1 May, the ACJC String Ensemble became the first performing arts group to hold their annual concert Kronos! at the newly completed ACJC Faith Centre of Performing Arts (CPA).

With the impressive design of the CPA coupled with the melodious music of the ACJC String Ensemble, Kronos! was truly a marvellous experience. The ensemble opted for a more light-hearted approach for this year’s concert, with the familiar strains of Mozart’s Eine Kleine Nachtmusik and ‘Tian Mi Mi’, specially arranged for the ensemble by Kelly Tang. This delighted the crowd, and older members of the audience could be seen bobbing their heads to the music and humming along. The highlight of the concert was J.S. Bach’s Concerto for Two Violins. The two soloists Rachel Chen and Joy Yong dazzled the audience with their virtuosity.

As it was also the ACJC String Ensemble’s 10th anniversary, the ensemble showed their appreciation for the founders of the ensemble, Mrs Valerie Wilson and Ms Leong Siew Chun, by presenting them with bouquets of flowers. Indeed, the ACJC String Ensemble has come a long way since their inauguration. We congratulate them on their success!

International Friendship Day

By Grace Lim and Ankita Jacob

International Friendship Day 2008 was, as usual, a day to celebrate the multi-ethnic and multi-cultural society of Singapore. However, the celebrations themselves were no repeat performance. The concert was off to a dramatic start as students dressed in their ethnic costumes sashayed down the runway to the stage to tumultuous applause. As the fashionistas strutted their stuff, the running commentary provided by MC’s Anil Sebastian and Alon Ramoz Mendez kept up the pace of the event. In the spirit of international friendship, different ethnic groups shared with us their traditional greetings and performances, allowing us to appreciate other cultures and learn more about them in the process. The following dance item performed by the ACJC Dance Society accompanied by other students had the school tapping their feet to the music. Performing a myriad of both traditional and modern dances, their Chinese, Indian and hip-hop items were both diverse and dynamic.

Next up was the scholars’ event. This hilarious sketch parodied various (in)famous characters from Orientation 2008 as well as local “celebrities”. The adventures of Stanford Bishan, the new-and-improved Random Jamaican girly guy and other regional heroes as they sought to overcome the evil power of Masi-I Lemak had the audience in stitches.

All in all, the International Friendship Day 2008 Concert was truly a memorable event in every ACJC student’s calendar. The concert was a time of shared laughter, fun and appreciation of the diverse cultures and races that make up our school.

ACJC Choir – Celebrating 20 Years of Choral Excellence

Since its inception into the Ministry of Education’s Choral Excellence Programme in 1988, the Anglo-Chinese Junior College Choir has distinguished itself both internationally and at home.

To commemorate its 20th year, the ACJC Choir embarked on an exciting year of music-making.

In June this year, the choir toured Vienna and Slovakia, and took part in the 3rd Festa Choralis International Choir Competition in Bratislava, Slovakia. As the only Asian choir at the competition, the ACJC Choir competed alongside choirs from Poland, Great Britain, the Czech Republic, Russia and Slovakia in the Mixed Choir (Adult), Youth Choir (up to 19 years old) and Folk Song Categories. In all three categories, the ACJC Choir clinched gold medals with top marks, and was the only choir in the competition whom the adjudicators accorded a rare perfect score (Folk Song).

Upon its return, the choir saw the reunion of principals, teachers, family, alumni and parents at the choir’s Thanksgiving Service at the ACJC Faith Centre for Performing Arts on
14 June 2008. Appropriately themed “Shout with Joy”, the service was a time of celebrating the Lord’s goodness in song, and gave thanks for His many blessings on the choir all these years.

The anniversary celebration culminated in the choir’s “An Evening with Friends” Gala Concert at the Esplanade Concert Hall on 6 July. The sell-out concert featured a repertoire of modern music, commissioned works and familiar favourites of the choir. The evening was made all the more special as His Excellency President S.R. Nathan was the Guest-of-Honour that evening. He fondly recalled hosting the choir at his Washington residence during his time as Ambassador to the United States in 1993, and the performances the choir have given at the Istana since then.

All thanks be to the Lord Almighty for His gift of music and the many opportunities for generations of ACJC Choristers to be His instruments of blessing. As His choral ambassadors to the world, the choir is excited to continue to be led by Him as we face the challenges ahead.

AC’s Got Talent! (Really)

By Ankita Jacob and Grace Lim

AC’s Got Talent was off to a promising start as the audience packed the hall, with multi-colored strobe lights and infectious music adding to the atmosphere. Though competition that evening was fierce, Blue Slip walked away with the coveted prize of “most talented” whilst other awards such as “most original” and “best dressed” went to Darsh and Neil and Pretissimo respectfully. The “rarest talent” award went to Wu Ming for their awe-inspiring and lethal act which led one judge to comment, “I hope you meet an MCP one day and kick the crap out of him.” The show-stopping act of Wait a Minute won (what else?) the “show-stopper” as well as the prestigious “people’s choice” awards; making it a double-kill for the jazzy all-female dance group (whoops sorry Shawn!).

Whilst some acts managed to hit all the right notes, others fumbled and were left to the mercy of the judges’ scathing comments. However, ACsians seemed determined to prove that AC did indeed have talent as we saw everything from magicians to pianists to bands and even fast-talkers and Borat impersonators (Tim and Dee)!

The night opened with an engaging and enthusiastic performance by “The Shah”, ACJC’s very own home-grown rapper. The Shah had the crowd clapping along to ‘Jump’ and his amusing capers on stage led the judges to comment “Is your talent dancing or singing?” Next up was the band the Fat Coffins. While their fashion choices were called into question by the fashion police, the three-week-old band certainly pulled off a tough act in such a short time with their soulful renditions of ‘L-O-V-E’ and ‘Crazy Little Thing Called Love’. Next up was Lydia Low, who, as the judges put it, ‘put the nail in the Fat Coffins’ coffin’ with her ability to strum her guitar, sing and stamp on a tambourine simultaneously. Described as a show-stopper, this was certainly a tough act to follow as Pretissimo, Bing Jian and Wu Ming tried to do just that. Other notable acts of the evening included E2, Tim and DEE, My Chocolate Jelly Cereal, Chan Chee How and Darsh and Neil. However, Blue Slip stole the show as France’s strong vocals and stage presence combined with the sound of the band blew both the crowd and the judges away (literally). Hailed as the best performance that night, Blue Slip was true to form, fulfilling the judges’ predictions as they clinched the “most talented act of the night” award.

Credit must also be given to our emcees for making the night such a success. Their witty banter forestalled any anxious moments (like the late start of the evening, technical difficulties and even missing performers) and truly emphasized the motto “The show must go on”! These jacks-of-all trades even provided in-house advertising for AC’s Got Talent’s sponsor, New Urban Male, and their hilarious sketches and great promotional skills had everyone rushing to spend their door gifts (discount vouchers courtesy of New Urban Male) at the store downstairs. A sensational set played by Stellastory and the presentation of the awards wrapped up the evening.

The AC Dude in Colour.

By Deborah Yan

ACJC Open House 08 Mascot

The Dude.