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2018 Orientation Day 1

Ethel Ho, 2MD1                                                          The excited OGL making an entrance

Friday, 2nd February 2018 marked the day that the AC family grew bigger with the new J1s! The theme for this year orientation was the realm of “Fantasy” with 4 main clans- Nautical, Folio, Montem and Ventura, waiting to seek unity. The J1s were first warmly welcomed to the school with a warm principal’s address as they navigated to fit into a new school environment. With that, they jumped into a day packed with fun icebreakers and games. Despite the rain, that did not dampen their spirits. Later in the day, there was a mass dance choreography session and they danced away. The compound was also hyped up with the constant AC cheers from different parts of the school throughout the entire day. We are looking forward to seeing the J1s back in school tomorrow to continue their orientation! We hope the J1s will be excited to receive their orientation packages and enjoy the games the OGLs had installed!



Images from Photographic Society

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