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Goodbye and Thank you, Mr D’Souza.

We will miss you.DSC01190


Everyone perks up a little bit more when it’s Mr D’Souza turn to share devotions. Often taking inspiration for his devotions from good films, he shows us snippets from films and shares the many things we can learn from the different characters. While he seems like a serious person, he is actually extremely warm and always on task. He is described as one who is gentle, kind and witty and his intentions for his staff and students are always so genuine.

He is always punctual in everything and will be backstage earlier than all the other principals to settle the announcements and technical issues. He never fails to lighten up the mood and greet the councillors and stage crew “good day” after assembly. He can also often be seen at the school gym working out alongside fellow students.

Mr D’Souza is also greatly known and appreciated for his skilful and spontaneous use of puns! Often when saying the announcements he surreptitiously interjects a pun and pauses for a tiny while, leaving the students laughing and wondering if it was intentional, before carrying on.



Even though you’re no longer around in school Mr D’Souza your contributions and interactions will be remembered dearly. Sometimes the best way to appreciate something is to be without it for a while. Nothing happens by accident and you are exactly where God wants you to be. All the best for your future endeavours Sir! We look forward to seeing you around!



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