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Behind the Scenes

Joelynn Tan 2AA1

Behind the scenes of our daily assemblies is a team of students coming to school at 6:30 am to ensure that no the technical issues will crop up during the assembly and that it will be carried out smoothly.

Behind the scenes of a simple announcement made by a student are minutes, or even hours of brainstorming, practising and hoping that the audience will react positively.

Behind the scenes of a 1-minute assembly video are hours of preparation for filming, followed by hours spent on filming and hours spent on editing the video.

Behind the scenes of a 60 minute rugby match, are hours and hours of relentless training, leaving school after everyone had left, and having dinner only at 9 pm.

Behind the scenes of a 2-hour concert are months of practising, rehearsing and ensuring that all the costumes and musical instruments are ready for performance.

Behind the scenes of the fun and memorable orientation are a group of students going to school for day camps during the holidays to prepare and staying back every day during orientation, after everyone has left, for debriefs and missing days of lessons and hours of precious sleep.

Behind the scenes of a one-day carnival are days, weeks and months of brainstorming, preparation, fundraising, and even more preparation to ensure that all visitors have a great time.

It is time to appreciate the people who sweat behind the scenes to make things available for us. 


Interview with Dr Shirleen Chee, Principal ACJC

ACJC Leaders (3)

By Jovita

1)You were Principal of MGS for six years.  How do you feel about taking the helm at ACJC – in what ways do you think it will be similar or different?  

Both schools are mission schools established by the Methodist Church in Singapore with a strong Christian ethos.  The same God-centred focus drives all that we plan and do for our students.   I also see a similarity in the beliefs and attitudes of the staff at both schools.  They truly care for and nurture their charges with a commitment and passion that I truly admire.  That said, there will definitely be different challenges and opportunities that come with running a junior college compared to a secondary and primary school.

  2) What are your impressions about ACJC so far?

The first thing that struck me about ACJC is the caring culture that permeates the school. The students are really at the centre of everything the staff do. This concern for the students’ welfare echoes throughout the school.  This is evident from my conversations with our Vice-Principals. In addition, I observed in my first weeks how committed the teaching and non-teaching staff were – not only to their work, but also to go the extra mile for the sake of the students.  Whether it was in the preparations for the Open House or in the discussion of the plans for the year ahead, the staff focussed on what is important for the students. My colleagues were constantly engaged in discussing topics like how to improve standards, how to foster partnerships among internal departments and external parties, and how to bring about learning that is anchored in the real world for our students. I also noticed that positive and encouraging words constantly punctuated the conversations among the staff.

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Goodbye and Thank you, Mr D’Souza.

We will miss you.DSC01190


Everyone perks up a little bit more when it’s Mr D’Souza turn to share devotions. Often taking inspiration for his devotions from good films, he shows us snippets from films and shares the many things we can learn from the different characters. While he seems like a serious person, he is actually extremely warm and always on task. He is described as one who is gentle, kind and witty and his intentions for his staff and students are always so genuine.

He is always punctual in everything and will be backstage earlier than all the other principals to settle the announcements and technical issues. He never fails to lighten up the mood and greet the councillors and stage crew “good day” after assembly. He can also often be seen at the school gym working out alongside fellow students.

Mr D’Souza is also greatly known and appreciated for his skilful and spontaneous use of puns! Often when saying the announcements he surreptitiously interjects a pun and pauses for a tiny while, leaving the students laughing and wondering if it was intentional, before carrying on.



Even though you’re no longer around in school Mr D’Souza your contributions and interactions will be remembered dearly. Sometimes the best way to appreciate something is to be without it for a while. Nothing happens by accident and you are exactly where God wants you to be. All the best for your future endeavours Sir! We look forward to seeing you around!



Tribute to our Student Leaders 2016-2017 (Clubs and Societies)

HN SL Photoshoot (Art Club)

HN SL Photoshoot (Economics Society) HN SL Photoshoot (Geography Society) HN SL Photoshoot (Interact Club) HN SL Photoshoot (ManiAC) HN SL Photoshoot (MCS) HN SL Photoshoot (National Education Council) HN SL Photoshoot (Non-Sequitor) HN SL Photoshoot (Pixellabs) HN SL Photoshoot (SMC)

HN SL Photoshoot (Tech Council)

What it means to be alive

By Kai Sheng, 1AH and Edna, 1AA1


So my ELL teacher was like, “WHY is it that all of you come to class looking like you hate life! You are all so young but so cynical!”

Guilty as charged. We stole glances at each other and tried to hold back our snickers given the awkward hilarity of this truth.

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you’ve always called me fat

Non-Sequitur, Baccalaureate Edition, 2017. Click here to download the PDF.


you’ve always called me fat
my piggish, full frame,
swollen with eclairs for breakfast,
roast beef for lunch
and sashimi for dinner
and you wonder why I’m fat

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Faith in humanity, restored

Photo taken with Mr Tham's drone!

Photo taken with Mr Tham’s drone!

On 7 August, the college had the pleasure of  listening to Mr Wally Tham, our guest speaker for Chapel. While introducing him, Mr Aaron Ho noted that Mr Tham arrived at the college at 6 a.m., the earliest of all past speakers and most probably, most  students as well. Apart from being extremely punctual, he is also the founder of Big Red Button as well as the man behind kindness movement Stand Up For Our Singapore.

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TEDxYouth@ACJC: Building Bridges

Nursarah 2AH

TEDxYouth@ACJC 2017: Bridge Builders

TEDxYouth@ACJC 2017: Bridge Builders

Everybody knows of the TED talks we encounter sporadically during a GP lesson or a YouTube binge-watching spree. Much more often than not, the passionate speakers fill us with nascent ideas, thoughts, feelings, and drive to get out there and do something for the world.

So heart-warming, yet so distant. Separated by a screen and probably a few thousand kilometres, watching TEDx videos could just earn you a ‘nag’ from your mother about how Westernised you and your ideas are becoming.

Now, you can tell your mother otherwise. 2AH has  bridged the distance between us and those inspirational yet faraway TED videos, by bringing TEDx to us.

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Do you stop to smile when you see a camera? Those moments make this photographer’s day

By Jovita Fernando

This is the 14th and final instalment of our Feeling Stressed? series. 

Pixels Labs arose from the merger of Spectra and RadioACtive. Elizabeth and Ethel are the co-Presidents of this CCA that, well, creates awesome and hilarious videos that never fail to brighten our morning assemblies. Wondering what a photographer is thinking when you make those funny faces at every camera you see? Here are Elizabeth’s thoughts!


WhatsApp Image 2017-05-13 at 2.55.27 PM

Hi I’m Elizabeth!

Interviewer: Hello! What CCAs are you in?

 Eliz: I’m in Pixel Labs, Christian Fellowship and Bowling.

 Interviewer: That’s great! So why did you join Pixel Labs?

 Eliz: Well I have quite an interest in film and stuff and I used to do videos for my church and one of my church seniors used to be in radioACtive too.

 Interviewer: What were your expectations for your CCA?

Eliz: Well, I thought it would be very ‘fun fun’ and everyone would be very eccentric together and we will have a  bonded community. I was quite influenced by the video community in my church expected the same.

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Losing steam in this Term? Here’s insight on how to keep on task from our Softballer

This is the twelfth of the Feeling stressed? series.

Karsten interviews Faith from Softball

WhatsApp Image 2017-05-16 at 16.12.05

Do you hold any positions in Softball?

Faith: I am the Head of Discipline.

What happens in a regular Softball day?

Faith: We have a routine. We start with a warm-up and we run. We also do warm-up throws, agility runs, sometimes sprints. It depends on what our coach has planned for us that day – whatever he thinks we need to work on.

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Feeling Stressed? Seasoned Rugby player shares his insights in coping with this busy term

This is the eleventh of the Feeling Stressed? series.

Louie interviews Adian from the Rugby Team



I’m Adian from 1SB6.

Do you hold any positions in Rugby?

Adian: No, I’m just a (regular) player.

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Guess who are the people in our neighbourhood? 2/5

This series highlight CCAs which remain enigmas to many.  We feature ACJC’s SMC in the second part of a pentalogy. Let’s hear it from the exco themselves.

Interview by: Rachael Wong, 2SA1

You can *count* on them to get the job done

You can *count* on them to get the job done (Left to right: Jason, Zhen Xuan, Vincent, Nixon, Nadya. Not in the picture: Zhang Liu)

1. What does SMC do?

Vincent: Most people assume that SMC is like a really science-y, research and enrichment-based CCA. Some even think that we discuss how to solve challenging questions and whatnot but that is honestly not the case here.

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Guess who are the people in our neighbourhood? 1/5

This series highlight CCAs which remain enigmas to many.  We feature ACJC’s Lifeguard Corps in the first of a pentalogy. Let’s hear it from the exco themselves.

Interview by Rachael Wong, 2SA1

The Verity (L-R): Jia Wen, Verity, Natalie and Wei Zhi

1. Hello there! What exactly do you do?

Wei Zhi: We train our members so as to ensure that they have basic lifesaving skills both on land and in water. In J1, they will learn lifesaving skills in a Lifesaving 1-2-3 course. Then, during the June holidays, they will attend a first aid course so that they have the necessary knowledge to treat burns, et cetera.

In the first half of J2 however, we have a Bronze Medallion test (BM Test). It’s quite an important test actually because this would mean that you are fully qualified to be a lifeguard and you can get a job working as a lifeguard at pools! After that, the J2s will start training for competitions to be held in June.

Fun fact: Did you know that ACJC is the only JC that has Lifeguards as certified CCA?

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Spike through this hectic term with smashing advice from our Volleyballer

By Karsten Louie

This is the eighth of the Feeling Stressed? series.

Louie interviews Victoria from the Volleyball Team


Victoria from the Volleyball Team

Victoria from the Volleyball Team

Hi! I’m Victoria!

How do you find Term 2 and season so far?

Victoria: Term 2 has been quite hectic, of course. Because of trying to manage coming in to a new environment, making new friends, and stuff like that. I think that as long as I can grasp the momentum of my studies, then I’ll be okay. I can go home and study for one or two hours a day and that’s still manageable.

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