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Interview with Dr Shirleen Chee, Principal ACJC

ACJC Leaders (3)

By Jovita

1)You were Principal of MGS for six years.  How do you feel about taking the helm at ACJC – in what ways do you think it will be similar or different?  

Both schools are mission schools established by the Methodist Church in Singapore with a strong Christian ethos.  The same God-centred focus drives all that we plan and do for our students.   I also see a similarity in the beliefs and attitudes of the staff at both schools.  They truly care for and nurture their charges with a commitment and passion that I truly admire.  That said, there will definitely be different challenges and opportunities that come with running a junior college compared to a secondary and primary school.

  2) What are your impressions about ACJC so far?

The first thing that struck me about ACJC is the caring culture that permeates the school. The students are really at the centre of everything the staff do. This concern for the students’ welfare echoes throughout the school.  This is evident from my conversations with our Vice-Principals. In addition, I observed in my first weeks how committed the teaching and non-teaching staff were – not only to their work, but also to go the extra mile for the sake of the students.  Whether it was in the preparations for the Open House or in the discussion of the plans for the year ahead, the staff focussed on what is important for the students. My colleagues were constantly engaged in discussing topics like how to improve standards, how to foster partnerships among internal departments and external parties, and how to bring about learning that is anchored in the real world for our students. I also noticed that positive and encouraging words constantly punctuated the conversations among the staff.

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What it means to be alive

By Kai Sheng, 1AH and Edna, 1AA1


So my ELL teacher was like, “WHY is it that all of you come to class looking like you hate life! You are all so young but so cynical!”

Guilty as charged. We stole glances at each other and tried to hold back our snickers given the awkward hilarity of this truth.

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An OPtimistic journey

When the class groupings for Project Work (PW) first came out, I remember breathing the hugest sigh of relief ever- thank goodness, I was with some of my good friends, people I had talked to before and ascertained a reasonable amount of closeness that I was determined to not let PW, otherwise known as Number 2 Friendship Destroyer- Number 1 being Monopoly in all forms- crumble.

photo-1475506631979-72412c606f4d - CopyIt turns out, I underestimated the persistence of PW. Beneath my cheerful optimism lay every problem everyone who has taken PW will come to know. First came the initiation tussle, over who’s Preliminary Investigation should we use? It took us 2 entire long periods to mull over the matter until a deciding vote was cast and one member was crowned the ultimate winner. (She eventually but naturally became our group leader.) Then came the months-long process of building up the Written Report, which seemed to have endless drafts that all looked quite underwhelming, like baby chicks just hatched out of their eggs. We all took turns to procrastinate, dither, and straight-up ignore the work we had to do, as if pretending it didn’t exist would make it magically disappear and we could just get along with our lives peacefully. Unfortunately, it did not. Parts of the WR were emptier than ever, and our long suffering group leader, Jaimie, revved up her galvanizing Whatsapp messages.

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Use Your Hands

Joelynn Tan, 1AA1

The Use Your Hands project is a cleaning initiative initiated by 1SA1 and was carried out on the second day of AC Games. So, on 12 October, all J1s classes were allocated to different venues in schools (lecture theatres, classrooms, canteen, void deck…etc) to  use their hands!!

How did this come about?

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AC Games 2017

AC Games , an annual affair in ACJC, is organised with the purpose of letting J1s relax and celebrate after many gruelling weeks of preparing and then, sitting for the promotional examinations. This year, it was meticulously planned out and successfully executed by the 42nd Students’ Council.

Day One of AC Games saw classes competing in games such as ultimate frisbee, tug-of-war and floorball.



WhatsApp Image 2017-10-11 at 23.44.22

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Non-Sequitur, Baccalaureate Edition, 2017. Click here to download the PDF.



ACJC /ˈæŋɡləʊ ˌtʃaɪˈniːz ˈdʒuːniə(r) ˈkɒlɪdʒ/ (school):


Equivalent to an institution that will give you the same feelings you get while you’re on a rollercoaster ride. Excitement, anxiety, uncertainty, thrill. You start kicking your legs in the air as the platform descends, clenching your safety straps. You take a deep breath… “Ready to launch…”

The ride slowly takes off and you feel the incline, the rigour of academics. All of a sudden, you feel a sudden drop, the part where you let out all of the pent-up anxiety you had previously. All the unexpected twists, turns and loops represent the obstacles you faced and challenges that occurred. Everything is a blur and you could hardly handle the slapping motion of the wind against your face.

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My very own “Makjang”

Non-Sequitur, Baccalaureate Edition, 2017.


Makjang ~ In terms of Korean Dramas, it is equivalent to an American soap opera. It is defined as any fantasy, unreal drama shown on basic cable daytime hour television. Full of unreal situations where, everyone is related to everyone else. So unreal that no one ever goes to the bathroom or food shopping and there is always fresh ice on trays with alcohol in every room. The Plot involves extreme, absurd, or outrageous instances of life (cases that make you go, hmm, what’s the likelihood of that happening in an average person’s lifetime)

When I first enrolled into this school, I didn’t give it much thought. Being an “AC boy” for the entirety of my education made it a no brainer to put ACJC as my first pick. When I received the notification that I’ve succeeded in entering, little did I know that the tv series for my very own “Makjang” had just started. Like how the plot of a drama takes time to build, orientation passed in a flash. I made new “friends”, met so many different “people” and I felt that life was the best it could have been than ever before. Not really. Looking back, I find it hilarious how naïve and gullible I was because it took me an exceedingly long time to figure out that some friends were not actual friends. It is like how the main characters in a horror movie knew that they were going to explore a desolated and dilapidated house in the middle of nowhere in an eerie and thick forest rumoured to be the mass graves of prisoners of war that were brutally tortured and slaughtered but still decided to go ahead and explore the house anyways because they somehow “did not know” it was haunted. And like a typical horror movie, you don’t need to be a genius to know that they also soon joined their counterparts six-feet underground. If only I could read the signs of “passive-aggressiveness” and “Fake-ness” earlier, I wouldn’t have suffered such extensive “withdrawal symptoms”. After I realised such a fact, I generally felt really lost. I would like to think that my reaction was reasonable given the fact that I came from a “relatively pure” secondary school where all the friendships I made were rather genuine; Where no one talked behind your back or were passive-aggressive. Yet, I still find it silly it took me such a long time to realise this fact.

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Non-Sequitur, Baccalaureate Edition, 2017. Click here to download the PDF.


I remember a time
where I danced
barefooted in the rain

I remember a time
where I laughed so hard
I forgot the pain

dusk has settled in,
what am I to remember?

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Non-Sequitur, Baccalaureate Edition, 2017. Click here to download the PDF.


the strange alien in my bed,
was warm and familiar,
its hands twined round mine –
now, a thousand miles ahead,
a shadowy figure my eyes
can’t quite find

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Non-Sequitur, Baccalaureate Edition, 2017. Click here to download the PDF.


Have you drawn against the winds your deep breath?
Sucked in goodly air into your lungs
Alas, before you come to Death

Now you know your time is near
Whence before St. Peter you must appear
Have you drawn against the winds your deep breath?

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the full stop

Non-Sequitur, Baccalaureate Edition, 2017. Click here to download the PDF.


i still cannot
find our ending
and i am ashamed
because i, a storyteller
should be better at
finishing things.

in the middle of
the night, my hands
will find that infinite
string on the sweater
i will never give back,

and pull.

it goes













– raemae, 2ad2

Image Source : Author’s own

the knight holds the sword in his mouth

Non-Sequitur, Baccalaureate Edition, 2017. Click here to download the PDF.


you said, that one day, you were going to swallow a

for years, i watched you
flick knives from the tip of your tongue
dancing around like the devil round
the rings of suns

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silent library

Non-Sequitur, Baccalaureate Edition, 2017. Click here to download the PDF.


there’s a vacuum in the pit of my stomach;
convulsions and aching. breaking news! the six continents
are threatening to attack my united nations.
there are tears strolling down my
cheeks; tensed into fishballs like the non halal ones
I always see at the yong tau foo stall.
God forbid: a prayer fleets through my mind
but I can’t utter it. my cheeks are too tensed and
God forbid I go to hell for embracing this
non halal, immature God damned joke.
there’s a tension in my vocal chords.
I’m a singer. but somehow the silent torture of it all
just makes me wanna convulse harder, ache harder,
quieten harder.
and now a minute has passed and the joke
is a polaroid developing, stored into the album in my
its leather edges are so frayed now, but
God forbid I got a new one.
God forbid I got a new one.
and now the air is a little less carefree than it was a minute
and I’m free of the pain.
but I’m a masochist. God forbid. God forbid.

– sarah, 2ah

Image Source : Author’s own

you’ve always called me fat

Non-Sequitur, Baccalaureate Edition, 2017. Click here to download the PDF.


you’ve always called me fat
my piggish, full frame,
swollen with eclairs for breakfast,
roast beef for lunch
and sashimi for dinner
and you wonder why I’m fat

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