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The Idea of Creative Boredom

By Caleb Thien (1MD2)

Creative boredom is a phase that every creative will go through. No matter what we try to do to get back on track in making meaningful work, we will inevitably fail, eventually giving in to the lack of inspiration.

To resolve this issue, we must define what creative boredom is. In my opinion, creative boredom is the loss of motivation to work due to a lack of feasible ideals. What we can do, we have done to our utmost, and what we can’t do, we have accepted that we will remain unable to achieve. As a result, we lose our motivation to carry on in any known direction.

But that’s the very trick – to combat and overcome boredom, we must go in the unknown direction!

The solution is to limit our creative freedom and try out something new. Challenge yourself! If you have been tackling an aesthetic dilemma in the same direction, try taking up another perspective. If you have been in the same hobby for months, take up a new hobby! The idea is that there is no end to the things we can’t do and the things we have never mastered. Once we remind ourselves that there are new frontiers to experience and explore, and that creative boredom does not lead to the death of creativity, we may even get so caught up in the newness of things that the boredom we so despise may well just slip away unnoticed.

Art is ephemeral. It may serve a universal and humanistic purpose, but there is so much bad art in the world that discarding some of your work just doesn’t matter that much. Even if you took on a contrarian direction and gave up your art form forever, who cares? As long as your spirit of creating is still intact, the world remains your canvas.

(photo credit: writer’s own)

RunAC 2018

By Jaimie Goh (2MD5)

On 21st February 2018, ACJC held its annual cross-country event, RunAC, at West Coast Park.

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2018 Orientation Day 2

Ethel Ho, 2MD1

To truly help the J1s find their right fit in AC, they spent their day hopping around different AC lecture theatres to sit in for the introductory lectures. The introductory lectures cover the subjects offered in ACJC and the syllabus to give the J1s a clearer understanding of the subjects. ACJC definitely warrants itself one of the finest junior colleges with its flexible subject combination, allowing students to pursue whichever subject they are interested in. The inter-OG games commence shortly after as the orientation groups from various clans involved themselves in. We hope you, J1s are enjoying yourselves and knowing your OG mates even better!



Images credits: Photographic society

Tribute to our Student Leaders 2016-2017 (Clubs and Societies)

HN SL Photoshoot (Art Club)

HN SL Photoshoot (Economics Society) HN SL Photoshoot (Geography Society) HN SL Photoshoot (Interact Club) HN SL Photoshoot (ManiAC) HN SL Photoshoot (MCS) HN SL Photoshoot (National Education Council) HN SL Photoshoot (Non-Sequitor) HN SL Photoshoot (Pixellabs) HN SL Photoshoot (SMC)

HN SL Photoshoot (Tech Council)

My very own “Makjang”

Non-Sequitur, Baccalaureate Edition, 2017.


Makjang ~ In terms of Korean Dramas, it is equivalent to an American soap opera. It is defined as any fantasy, unreal drama shown on basic cable daytime hour television. Full of unreal situations where, everyone is related to everyone else. So unreal that no one ever goes to the bathroom or food shopping and there is always fresh ice on trays with alcohol in every room. The Plot involves extreme, absurd, or outrageous instances of life (cases that make you go, hmm, what’s the likelihood of that happening in an average person’s lifetime)

When I first enrolled into this school, I didn’t give it much thought. Being an “AC boy” for the entirety of my education made it a no brainer to put ACJC as my first pick. When I received the notification that I’ve succeeded in entering, little did I know that the tv series for my very own “Makjang” had just started. Like how the plot of a drama takes time to build, orientation passed in a flash. I made new “friends”, met so many different “people” and I felt that life was the best it could have been than ever before. Not really. Looking back, I find it hilarious how naïve and gullible I was because it took me an exceedingly long time to figure out that some friends were not actual friends. It is like how the main characters in a horror movie knew that they were going to explore a desolated and dilapidated house in the middle of nowhere in an eerie and thick forest rumoured to be the mass graves of prisoners of war that were brutally tortured and slaughtered but still decided to go ahead and explore the house anyways because they somehow “did not know” it was haunted. And like a typical horror movie, you don’t need to be a genius to know that they also soon joined their counterparts six-feet underground. If only I could read the signs of “passive-aggressiveness” and “Fake-ness” earlier, I wouldn’t have suffered such extensive “withdrawal symptoms”. After I realised such a fact, I generally felt really lost. I would like to think that my reaction was reasonable given the fact that I came from a “relatively pure” secondary school where all the friendships I made were rather genuine; Where no one talked behind your back or were passive-aggressive. Yet, I still find it silly it took me such a long time to realise this fact.

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Non-Sequitur, Baccalaureate Edition, 2017. Click here to download the PDF.


I remember a time
where I danced
barefooted in the rain

I remember a time
where I laughed so hard
I forgot the pain

dusk has settled in,
what am I to remember?

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Non-Sequitur, Baccalaureate Edition, 2017. Click here to download the PDF.


the strange alien in my bed,
was warm and familiar,
its hands twined round mine –
now, a thousand miles ahead,
a shadowy figure my eyes
can’t quite find

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Non-Sequitur, Baccalaureate Edition, 2017. Click here to download the PDF.


Have you drawn against the winds your deep breath?
Sucked in goodly air into your lungs
Alas, before you come to Death

Now you know your time is near
Whence before St. Peter you must appear
Have you drawn against the winds your deep breath?

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the full stop

Non-Sequitur, Baccalaureate Edition, 2017. Click here to download the PDF.


i still cannot
find our ending
and i am ashamed
because i, a storyteller
should be better at
finishing things.

in the middle of
the night, my hands
will find that infinite
string on the sweater
i will never give back,

and pull.

it goes













– raemae, 2ad2

Image Source : Author’s own

the knight holds the sword in his mouth

Non-Sequitur, Baccalaureate Edition, 2017. Click here to download the PDF.


you said, that one day, you were going to swallow a

for years, i watched you
flick knives from the tip of your tongue
dancing around like the devil round
the rings of suns

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silent library

Non-Sequitur, Baccalaureate Edition, 2017. Click here to download the PDF.


there’s a vacuum in the pit of my stomach;
convulsions and aching. breaking news! the six continents
are threatening to attack my united nations.
there are tears strolling down my
cheeks; tensed into fishballs like the non halal ones
I always see at the yong tau foo stall.
God forbid: a prayer fleets through my mind
but I can’t utter it. my cheeks are too tensed and
God forbid I go to hell for embracing this
non halal, immature God damned joke.
there’s a tension in my vocal chords.
I’m a singer. but somehow the silent torture of it all
just makes me wanna convulse harder, ache harder,
quieten harder.
and now a minute has passed and the joke
is a polaroid developing, stored into the album in my
its leather edges are so frayed now, but
God forbid I got a new one.
God forbid I got a new one.
and now the air is a little less carefree than it was a minute
and I’m free of the pain.
but I’m a masochist. God forbid. God forbid.

– sarah, 2ah

Image Source : Author’s own

you’ve always called me fat

Non-Sequitur, Baccalaureate Edition, 2017. Click here to download the PDF.


you’ve always called me fat
my piggish, full frame,
swollen with eclairs for breakfast,
roast beef for lunch
and sashimi for dinner
and you wonder why I’m fat

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an art piece by shahrazad

Non-Sequitur, Baccalaureate Edition, 2017.



– shahrazad

an art piece by stefan

Non-Sequitur, Baccalaureate Edition, 2017. Click here to download the PDF.