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End of Orientation 2018

Ethel Ho, 2MD1 Everything is ephemeral; Orientation 2018 has finally come to an end! The day ended with a mass dance in the hall with a spect...

My early February orientation vacat...

What has 2000 legs and is heavy enough that when it parties, Karrie-Ann Loh has to scramble to the podium and shout at it to stop jumping? The 2018 ba...

St John’s Island- a Journey

Jeriel Chua, 2AH Tashirojima Island, one of Japan’s eleven “cat islands”, is teeming with over a hundred feline residents, making scenes of piebald...

2018 Orientation Day 2

Ethel Ho, 2MD1 To truly help the J1s find their right fit in AC, they spent their day hopping around different AC lecture theatres to sit in fo...

End of Orientation 2018

Ethel Ho, 2MD1

Everything is ephemeral; Orientation 2018 has finally come to an end! The day ended with a mass dance in the hall with a spectacular performance by AC dance and songs! Besides the OG who misses one another, the OGLs also find it incredibly difficult to part with their OG they spent four days with. To give you guys a better sense of the unforgettable four days that the J1s spent, we decided to interview an OGL and J1!

OGLs group photo

Name: Ethan

School: ACS Barker

How did you initially feel before orientation?

I was scared of not being able to adapt to changes in JC and not being able to find or make new friends. There was also the question about what subject combinations to take and what each subject was like. Entering a new school compound I also was lost about where to find things and where places were.

How do you feel now, given that orientation 2018 has ended?

Through orientation, I was given the opportunity to mix with my seniors who were willing and able to share their past experiences and knowledge as to what subjects to take etc… They helped every one of us break down our barriers and warm up to each other. They were always enthusiastic about everything no matter how dead we seemed. After orientation, I feel more welcomed in the school and more sure of where I belong.

Name: Seth Tay
OG, Clan name: Lugiah, Ventus

What made you sign up to be an OGL?

I’ve always had pride being in AC and wanted to share it, to show that there is something to be proud of our school and how far we’ve come. I wanted to share that pride and glory with the incoming batch of J1s, for them to know that we have a strong culture and not to feel out of place within the new community they’re in.

Was the lead up to orientation and orientation itself something you expected?

Frankly no haha, I never expected the build-up to orientation to be as exhausting as it felt. Taking time out to paint the flag and practice the dance was more daunting than I thought it’d be. I’m really grateful for having creative and intuitive clan mates around in coming up with the clan cheer and walk. Yet, despite the unexpected weariness, there was also an unexpected joy and pleasure in working alongside so many schoolmates. At the end of the day when I see the smile on the faces of my OG kids and the laughs they share it really heartens me to know that I’ve been able to fulfil my duty and the hard work was worth it.

What was the best takeaway from orientation 2018?

For me, it’s definitely the friendships forged. Getting to know and befriending both my clan mates and OG kids were probably the highlight of my experience. It was great to have met such a variety of ppl, all unique and special in their own way. I remember gathering at 6:30 am on the first day in the LT, instead of being groggy from waking up early, everyone was getting pumped up and excited to meet the J1s. I think for me that moment encapsulated the AC spirit best; a large group of students banding together for the common purpose to welcome and serve ppl who we’ve never met before.

Photo gallery:


My early February orientation vacation

What has 2000 legs and is heavy enough that when it parties, Karrie-Ann Loh has to scramble to the podium and shout at it to stop jumping? The 2018 batch of J1’s. Orientation has finally come to a close after four draining days. Comfort zones were out of the question and self-consciousness became a thing of the past as the J1’s were forced to sing, dance and mingle with new faces in unfamiliar places.

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St John’s Island- a Journey

Jeriel Chua, 2AH

Tashirojima Island, one of Japan’s eleven “cat islands”, is teeming with over a hundred feline residents, making scenes of piebald and ginger mewlings as well as throngs of “aristocrats” (or should I say ­aristocats?) strutting about the tiny fishing village rather common- certainly quite a sight to behold.

Unfortunately for us feline fanatics, Tashirojima island is an inaccessible 4808 kilometres away from Singapore and therefore, regrettably, likely to remain out of our travel itineraries for the time being.

Thankfully, Singapore does have its own isle of cats to fill that gaping hole in our hearts that only cats can fill, albeit a lesser known one- Saint John’s Island. Only 6.5 kilometres away from the main island by a brief 20-minute ferry ride, the island boasts a sizeable population of over 60 cats, which graced our visit just earlier this November.

In a bid to have students more interested in Singapore’s biodiversity, ACJC’s Biology Department organised a trip to the island, where students and teachers alike were summarily greeted (and encircled) by its many, surprisingly domesticated cats.

In addition to the island’s quaint, rustic charm stemming from its rich history of early dwellers, the views were spectacular and beyond description- words simply won’t do the scenic island any justice.

Jeriel pic 1

Even the bridge between St John’s Island and Lazarus Island, where from this image was taken, was practically a catwalk in the literal sense of the word- cats prowled to and fro along the stretch of bridge, boldly seeking affection from visitors (whom the cats clearly outnumbered). The irresistible urge to play with the cats, was a sentiment shared by virtually all the islands visitors; the cats certainly did not seem to mind.

I had the privilege of finding favour with the island’s most charismatic resident (to me), now named Midnight, who followed me for as long as I stayed on the main footpath, or at least for the better part of fifteen minutes.

jeriel pic 2png

Beyond its terrestrial treasures, the island had much to boast in terms of aquatic life, from its characteristic fiddler crabs scuttling along the sandy shores with their strikingly orange pincers to its sporadic anemones whose tentacles waved gently to the faint cataracts of foam sweeping unhurriedly into the tidal rock pools.

Just a stone’s throw away from the pier is Singapore’s Tropical Marine Science Institute, home to an astonishing variety of species. Its one-of-a-kind man-made coral pool features a marine menagerie of brightly coloured corals, feather stars, anemones, sea cucumbers, clownfish, and even two shy starfish- all aiding biologists in furthering our understanding of Singapore’s unique sea-life.

As the final embellishment of our visit, we were fortunate enough to encounter the island’s gleaming white peahen parading about outside the Institute on the way back to the pier. With some luck, we’ll be lucky enough to see a peacock next time!

jeriel pic 3

Images are the authors own

2018 Orientation Day 2

Ethel Ho, 2MD1

To truly help the J1s find their right fit in AC, they spent their day hopping around different AC lecture theatres to sit in for the introductory lectures. The introductory lectures cover the subjects offered in ACJC and the syllabus to give the J1s a clearer understanding of the subjects. ACJC definitely warrants itself one of the finest junior colleges with its flexible subject combination, allowing students to pursue whichever subject they are interested in. The inter-OG games commence shortly after as the orientation groups from various clans involved themselves in. We hope you, J1s are enjoying yourselves and knowing your OG mates even better!



Images credits: Photographic society

2018 Orientation Day 1

Ethel Ho, 2MD1                                                          The excited OGL making an entrance

Friday, 2nd February 2018 marked the day that the AC family grew bigger with the new J1s! The theme for this year orientation was the realm of “Fantasy” with 4 main clans- Nautical, Folio, Montem and Ventura, waiting to seek unity. The J1s were first warmly welcomed to the school with a warm principal’s address as they navigated to fit into a new school environment. With that, they jumped into a day packed with fun icebreakers and games. Despite the rain, that did not dampen their spirits. Later in the day, there was a mass dance choreography session and they danced away. The compound was also hyped up with the constant AC cheers from different parts of the school throughout the entire day. We are looking forward to seeing the J1s back in school tomorrow to continue their orientation! We hope the J1s will be excited to receive their orientation packages and enjoy the games the OGLs had installed!



Images from Photographic Society

Interview with Dr Shirleen Chee, Principal ACJC

ACJC Leaders (3)

By Jovita

1)You were Principal of MGS for six years.  How do you feel about taking the helm at ACJC – in what ways do you think it will be similar or different?  

Both schools are mission schools established by the Methodist Church in Singapore with a strong Christian ethos.  The same God-centred focus drives all that we plan and do for our students.   I also see a similarity in the beliefs and attitudes of the staff at both schools.  They truly care for and nurture their charges with a commitment and passion that I truly admire.  That said, there will definitely be different challenges and opportunities that come with running a junior college compared to a secondary and primary school.

  2) What are your impressions about ACJC so far?

The first thing that struck me about ACJC is the caring culture that permeates the school. The students are really at the centre of everything the staff do. This concern for the students’ welfare echoes throughout the school.  This is evident from my conversations with our Vice-Principals. In addition, I observed in my first weeks how committed the teaching and non-teaching staff were – not only to their work, but also to go the extra mile for the sake of the students.  Whether it was in the preparations for the Open House or in the discussion of the plans for the year ahead, the staff focussed on what is important for the students. My colleagues were constantly engaged in discussing topics like how to improve standards, how to foster partnerships among internal departments and external parties, and how to bring about learning that is anchored in the real world for our students. I also noticed that positive and encouraging words constantly punctuated the conversations among the staff.

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Welcome to ACJC, your right fit

Happening now: AC Open House 2018

10 am

The banners are up, the students are hyped and the gates are open.

Welcome to ACJC’s open house!

WhatsApp Image 2018-01-10 at 9.48.23 AM

  WhatsApp Image 2018-01-10 at 9.48.22 AM WhatsApp Image 2018-01-10 at 9.48.21 AM(1)

WhatsApp Image 2018-01-10 at 9.48.22 AM(1) 



Taiwan 2017

Kai Sheng, 2AH

We went to Taiwan for a week for our humanities trip late November.

The Taiwan trip was insightful, indeed a good time spent overseas. One that was, I dare say, more productive and fruitful than I had expected it to be. And I use these terms not in a half-hearted attempt to get this piece completed, but because I truly appreciate the time spent there, the opportunities we had to interact with the locals, the discussions we had at night et cetera. All of these made the trip a legitimately memorable one, putting it apart from any old school trip that the school sends you on and the only memories you leave with are those secretive midnight room exchanges you had with your friends and munching on the hotel food.

One of the days we took a ferry to this beautiful place called the Sun Moon Lake. It was amazing, and I am a sucker for great sights. There lay great hills that stood majestically in the horizon, and the setting sun glazed a brilliant orange tint on the lake’s surface. Enthralling. But of course we didn’t just go there for the sights. The Sun Moon Lake is inhabited by an aboriginal tribe called the Thao tribe. The legend goes that the Thao tribesmen had encountered a magical white deer and it led them to the lake before disappearing into the waters. Due to the abundance of resources at the location, the Thao tribe decided to stay along the shores of the lake and built a community based on the white deer as a symbol of their identity. So we met the Thao tribe and watched a performance they put up for tourists. Passionate cries and elegant dancing. We interviewed them, and it was wonderful how they managed to remain so rooted to their culture amidst the whole world globalising thing. The elders especially – they seemed to have never lost their zeal for protecting the tribe’s traditions and practices – took so much pride in their prowess for dance and singing. Moving… to think that today too many forms of culture are eroding, slowly yet continually.

The Sun Moon Lake

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Why telling people to “man up” is not as misogynistic as society deems

Brendan Wong, 2SB1

In a recent Vogue article, the author Michelle Ruiz writes in response to Piers Morgan’s tweet in which he proclaims that he valiantly hosted his morning talk show, Good Morning Britain, with three broken ribs, after which, proceeding to call out all the supposed “snowflakes” out there, informing them that what he did was a great example of “manning up”.

Ruiz herself thinks it is time to abolish the use of the phrase “man up”, which is often used as a snide remark challenging the person in question to act bolder or endure more pain. She argues that women in today’s society go through equally as many ordeals as your average man, and on top of that deal with more pains (on a daily basis), societal pressures etc than most men would ever have to experience in their lives.

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Film recommendations for the holidays from the expert : me

By jofer,

As 2017 is coming to an end, maniAC will be on hiatus. Thank you for staying in tune with us this year. In the meanwhile, please do enjoy your December break with these fine selection of films.

Rest, unwind, have a non-alcoholic drink and watch a good movie.

Now the definition of a good movie is different for everybody and I’m going to make things easy by giving you a summary of sorts before proceeding to the review.

I love watching films, regardless of language, time or genre. Sometimes I feel as though God is trying to speak to me through films. Whenever I go through a rough time, I put on a film and let it speak to me. I try to connect with every character and if I’m able to escape this world and be transported to another, then it’s a good film. Here are some good films that are guaranteed to make you think, feel, laugh and wonder. It will make you feel good.


1. The Godfather (1972) and The Godfather Part II (1974)

  • First series ever in which both the film and it’s sequel received an Oscar for Best Picture
  • If you search for  ‘best movies ever’ or ‘what to watch when bored’ anywhere on the internet, you will find this film
  • Directed by: Francis Ford Coppola
  • Starring amazing actors such as Marlon Brando and Al Pacino

Why should you watch it : 

  • It is a film ANYBODY will be intrigued by.
  • It is an extremely famous film and you will be missing out if you don’t.
  • Amazing theme song

You have most definitely heard about this film someway or another. Perhaps you have seen someone doing the famous impression of the Italian accent while sitting on a chair and acting like a boss (remember Mr Big from Zootopia?)

I told myself I will see this film as soon as the Promos end. And I did.

I was affected, deeply, thoroughly and unexpectedly. The film had me enraptured right from the start when I heard its theme song. The mysterious melancholy imbued in the tune made me think of a sinister and ‘doomed to fail kind of love story’ and I wasn’t far from wrong.

Let me start from the beginning. I’ve seen numerous imitations of the don, Vito Corleone (Marlon Brando) and when I saw the ‘real deal’, I was thinking, “so that’s why he received an Oscar for this”.

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Goodbye and Thank you, Mr D’Souza.

We will miss you.DSC01190


Everyone perks up a little bit more when it’s Mr D’Souza turn to share devotions. Often taking inspiration for his devotions from good films, he shows us snippets from films and shares the many things we can learn from the different characters. While he seems like a serious person, he is actually extremely warm and always on task. He is described as one who is gentle, kind and witty and his intentions for his staff and students are always so genuine.

He is always punctual in everything and will be backstage earlier than all the other principals to settle the announcements and technical issues. He never fails to lighten up the mood and greet the councillors and stage crew “good day” after assembly. He can also often be seen at the school gym working out alongside fellow students.

Mr D’Souza is also greatly known and appreciated for his skilful and spontaneous use of puns! Often when saying the announcements he surreptitiously interjects a pun and pauses for a tiny while, leaving the students laughing and wondering if it was intentional, before carrying on.



Even though you’re no longer around in school Mr D’Souza your contributions and interactions will be remembered dearly. Sometimes the best way to appreciate something is to be without it for a while. Nothing happens by accident and you are exactly where God wants you to be. All the best for your future endeavours Sir! We look forward to seeing you around!



Farewell Ms Chong and keep rocking those heels

By Jovita Fernando,

Ecclesiastes 3:1

There is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under the heavens.


                                                                Ms Chong bidding farewell during her school tour

This year’s ‘last assembly’ was an emotional one as the ACJC community had to bid farewell to our beloved Principal, Ms Beatrice Chong. Our Principal, who is so widely known for her love and admiration of the Sequoia trees ended her term with another meaningful speech about the importance of having roots and of growing in adversity.

As soon as Ms Chong ended her speech, Mrs Choo took over and gave the command for the latecomers to enter the hall, a very colourful and energetic crowd of ex-students and parents streamed in, taking Ms Chong by surprise. They had all come, upon the request of the ‘salted caramel’ team-the staff led group that organised the surprise farewell for Ms Chong.   

Following that, Mr D’Souza presented a heartwarming speech about the impact of Ms Chong’s leadership in ACJC that started the very moment she stepped in for their first staff meeting. She had everyone there enraptured by her presence and continued to carry herself forward over the years with prayer as her compass. He concluded his farewell with a sweet poem that had tears welling in Ms Chong’s eyes.

A tribute video showing the various CCAs thanking Ms Chong for her prayers and presence in every game, competition and event that she attended highlighted her dedication to her students and the college. Ms Tan Yi Wen and ex-Council President, Claire sang their version of the song ‘For good’ from the musical, Wicked and Mdm Rahimah added a few more words of praise. In particular, she said that Ms Chong made the college an even more student- and value -centred place and that she infused values into faith with great care.

Ms Chong is often described as wise, attentive, calm and clever among her many other descriptions highlighting her beauty. To honour this, she was awarded the ‘Golden Stiletto’ award for her poise, confidence and impeccable style. Ms Chong accepted her award while joking that heels are, after all, ‘weapons of mass destruction’.

On behalf of the student body, Joseph Low thanked her for her support and leadership and presented her with a shoe decorated with image of  the sequoia tree, signifying that her roots with ACJC family are forever. Annabel Tan also presented her with a drawing of the Sequoia trees.

Ms Chong’s final tour around the school began, albeit wistfully, with a grand overture by the band heralding her as she boarded the pristine white convertible with her impossible grace. Even ‘Smiley’ was slightly more glum than usual, but Ms Chong’s elegant smile and  the contagious enthusiasm of the student body kept the farewell a memorable and merry one nevertheless.

 At the first station, a palm tree was planted because of her affinity with trees (Sequoia and Bamboo) and she showered the tree with her tender love. Afterwards, she proceeded to the lobby where Ms Chong unveiled the ‘2017’ on the board of principals to signify the end of her term. As she passed by Chan Alley and the canteen, students gave Ms Chong gifts and cards and a crowd began to gather behind the car and they followed her back to the smiley where the teachers and staff of ACJC were awaiting her.


                                       Ms Chong making her way down to the ‘Smiley’


                                       Ms Chong at the tree planting station


                                       Students gathered and trailed behind the car back to the ‘Smiley’


                                       The staff lined along the staircase heralded Ms Chong into the building from her tour.


                                       The students and staff made their way down to the field to create our school name.


                                        Ms Chong with her Vice-Principals and staff

Indeed this year’s ‘last assembly’ was very different and emotional compared to that of other years .As we await the coming of our new principal, let us remember the wit, humour and smile of Ms Beatrice Chong and let us also remember that ACJC principals never truly leave the college.

All the best to your future endeavours at the MOE headquarters and our blessings and gratitude remain with you forever, Ms Chong. To God be the Glory. The Best is Yet to Be.

Class of 2014

class of 2015

Class 2015


Class of 2016

class of 2016

Image credits to ACJC’s Photography Society.

Tribute to our Student Leaders 2016-2017 (Sports)

HN SL Photoshoot (Badminton) HN SL Photoshoot (Basketball) HN SL Photoshoot (Bowling) HN SL Photoshoot (Canoeing) HN SL Photoshoot (Cross Country) HN SL Photoshoot (Floorball) HN SL Photoshoot (Football)HN SL Photoshoot (Golf) HN SL Photoshoot (Hockey) HN SL Photoshoot (Netball) HN SL Photoshoot (Rugby) HN SL Photoshoot (Shooting [Air Rifle])HN SL Photoshoot (Softball) HN SL Photoshoot (Squash)


HN SL Photoshoot (Swimming)

HN SL Photoshoot (Table Tennis)

HN SL Photoshoot (Tennis)

HN SL Photoshoot (Track and Field)


Tribute to our Student Leaders 2016-2017 (Cultural Activities)

HN SL Photoshoot (ACSian Theatre)HN SL Photoshoot (Chinese Orchestra) HN SL Photoshoot (Choir)HN SL Photoshoot (Concert Band) HN SL Photoshoot (Dance Ensemble) HN SL Photoshoot (Harp Ensemble) HN SL Photoshoot (String Ensemble)